Sharin of the Green Parade

Our first parade for 5khaos! Wow, was it a great feeling knowing we were a part of it. A lot more work than what we thought, but all worth it at the end of the day.

Adam locked in a spot for us a few months ago so we went to work planning back then. Will we have a float? What do we put on it? Whose truck will we use? Will we pass out flyers? And what about CANDY??? So many items on our list, but we smiled and said we got this. Don’t worry because we are the Khaos Krew.

Lindsey bought seven hundred green beaded necklaces online when a deal caught her eye one day. Then made several trips to stores for decorations and candy.  She also made green 5khaos shirts for the kiddos. Jeff went to work on flyers. Adam ordered car magnets and a nice six-foot banner. Then in one of our meetings, we all agreed that the six-foot yellow wall and the new ninja steps would look great on the trailer for the parade.

On parade day, it was a little chilly and windy but several of the Khaos Krew showed up eager to help decorate and spread the Khaos!  We all decorated Lance’s truck and Tim’s trailer with obstacles, garland, magnets and more! Bags of candy and handfuls of necklaces were handed out to all of us and we were ready to march!

It was exciting to say the least. We were very organized and everyone knew exactly what to do. To see so many kids smiling as we handed out 3,000 suckers, 700 necklaces and flyers to curious parents was a great feeling to us all. Spreading the Khaos is what we said as we asked people ” Can you conquer the Khaos “? So many people asked ..When is 5khaos?? Can I have a couple flyers?? And that looks great!!

We will definitely have to do this parade again next year as it was fun for all of us and we feel like a lot of people got reached today with the KHAOS!

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