Volunteer Information


Interested in helping to bring the Khaos for the 2019 race? Well, the Khaos Krew has multiple opportunities for you to help out.  Not only that, all volunteers will receive an “I’m here to Control the Khaos” t-shirt and a goodie bag. Here are a few options we have available.

Early race preparation

Come out and break a light sweat as we do our initial work to prepare the course.

  • Clear trails
  • Prepare obstacles
  • Establish trail boundries


Last minute course preparation

Join us for some last minute race preparation.

  • Prepare race paperwork
  • Course preparation
  • Facility preparation


Race day

This is where our volunteers shine while keeping the runners on the track.

  • Parking & Check-in volunteers to be at the locations by 7:00
  • Course volunteers to arrive at 7:00. Gather at the circular grass island near the barn
  • Volunteer meeting at 7:15. Waivers to be collected. Walkie-talkies handed out
  • Obstacle volunteers to be at their locations by 8:30



Head on over to SignUpGenius by clicking here and help us bring the Khaos!

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